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Professional Pet Sitter By Choice

Animal Lover by Nature

I moved to Southern Florida in 2005, having left New Hampshire I did not miss the cold and snow. What I did miss was my pet sitter, they were wonderful with my special needs and high energy pets. Moreover, I didn't like the options I found in relocating, to me pet sitting was always the true testament of a SERVICE-RELATED industry, where the service you provided was exceptional. Therefore out of love for animals, SNUGGLES was born.

"Hi, I'm Sharon, and I'm devoted to animals, so much so that I've made it my mission.  I know people love their pets, what's not to love, pets are amazing!  Choosing the right pet sitter to care for your pet is a very important part of the process. 


Why choose us, you ask?  Customized Services.  Dedication.  Flexibility.  You see, being a lifelong New Englander (born in Vermont) I know what it's like to hard work and I possess a strong work ethic. I value each client and take the care of your pets and home very seriously. I strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations .  When you hire me, you can rest assured your home and pets are safe and well cared for in your absence.  Reliability in this field is so critical, your pets will depend on me for food, water, medications, walks, exercise, play, social interaction and structure.  I will give them all of this and more.  I want you to feel you have a partner in the care of your animals, someone you can call and come to rely on when your life takes you away from home, whether planned or unexpectedly.  Schedule an initial consult and let's work together".

I believe most dogs and cats would prefer the comfort and security of their own home. At SNUGGLES we are committed to providing the best professional care to you and your pets and creating a loving and relaxed atmosphere for your pets while you are away.

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