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What Sets Us Apart from Other Services?

We keep things small and tight-knit so that we can focus specialized attention on you and your needs. When you contact us, you get a person.

We are personally interested in you and your pets and will do everything we possibly can to make your pet feel loved and at-home while you’re gone.


Our services go above and beyond the standard for pet sitting services. Before your first appointment we gather important information about your pet including his medical history, vet contact information, and any special medical or behavioral needs. Having this information on-hand will allow us to cater our services directly to your pet’s needs and it will ensure that, in case of an emergency, your pet will receive the care he needs when he needs it.  During your free 30 minute consultation, I will meet with you and your pet(s) in your home. While becoming acquainted with your four-legged friend, you and I can discuss your pet's individual needs and go over any special instructions for when you are away. We can also take this time to exchange keys, fill out paperwork and answer any other questions you might have.  There is never a charge for a consultation a/k/a the "meet and greet".


We’re so confident that our services provide the best value and quality pet sitting services in the area, that we’d love for you to compare us directly to the competition.  From dog boarding, cat care, dog sitting and daily visits to 100% personalized services, our constant desire for 100% complete client satisfaction, our professionalism, and our passion for pets sets us apart from the competition.


Even if you’re leaving town on a last minute business trip, or family emergency, you won’t find a bunch of bureaucracy and red tape to go through – we’re your friendly neighborhood pet sitters and we’re always available to help you and your furry friend out in a pinch. That’s the Snuggles difference.  You Go. We'll Stay.  Now isn’t it time to GET SNUGGLED ....

When is In-Home Care Better than a Kennel?

In our opinion most pets prefer to be home, therefore we feel in-home care is always best.  However one instance may be aging pets.  When families have sick or eldery pets, or even anxious or nervous pets, they often avoid going away; they start declining invitations, etc. However there are times when a pet's parents simply must go away. The reason may be an unexpected business trip or family emergency? While you're away, remove some of that worry from your plate, let your dogs stay home and I'll come stay with them! Convenient and reliable, in-home pet sitting allows your beloved four-legged family member to comfortably remain in your house during your absence, letting him or her stick to their regular schedule and familiar surroundings. This is an especially good option for dogs in their golden years and dogs with special needs (such as an illness, hearing or vision loss, arthritis and limited mobility), as it limits the stress of both transport and unknown surroundings. I'll take care of your pet (young or old, healthy or ill) just as you do, though I'll likely spoil them a bit as well! Feeding, medication administration and addressing any special needs are all included in the price. As a pet owner myself, I know that my pet's well-being is priceless.

pet sitter text updates

How will I know my Pets are OK while I'm gone?

elderly pets jensen beach
  • You Receive daily "iPAWS" (via your choice of text or email) about your dog's (or pet's) activities and well-being.

  •  Technology has made it easy to stay connected.  I love keeping in touch.  I'll routinely send you videos & pictures.

  •  It will make you feel better & more relaxed about being away, knowing all is well.

  •  Clients who never thought they needed updates tell me they can't wait to receive them.

  •  Reliability in this field is CRUCIAL, with SNUGGLES you never have to worry.  We show up!

  • Call or Text me today - remember to book your vacations & holidays early.

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