The Standard Visit is typically 30 minutes or more. This allows us enough time to perform the following:

  • Feed and Fresh Water (clean dishes and feeding area)

  • Let Them Outside (Fenced Yard) or Walk for Bathroom Break and to Get Some Fresh Air

  • Scoop Litter Boxes

  • Scoop Poop in the Yard / Pick Up Waste

  • Play Time / Socialization

  • Retrieve Mail / Trash Bins



$18 – $24 per visit/varies based on services required and number and type of pets. Families with a large number of pets, puppies, or special needs animals may incur additional charges.



$18 - $25 per visit/varies based on services required and number and type of pets. Families with a large number of pets, puppies, or special needs animals may incur additional charges.*

*Final Prices to be quoted after the initial Meet & Greet. We strive to provide quality service at affordable rates. We do our best to competitively price our services, based on a number of factors, to fit the individual needs of your household and pet(s).  We strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


“MINI” SHORT VISIT THE QUICK STOP-BY VISIT (only available in Jensen Beach)

The Mini visit is typically 15 minutes or less. It is not designed for extended or full-service pet care. The short visit only allows us to:

  • Check-In on Your Pet for a Quick Water Refresh and/or Feeding (no meds)

  • Quick Bathroom Break in a Fenced Yard

  • Typically designed for healthy cats

$15 per mini visit (Jensen Beach)

We do have a cancellation policy, which we go over with you at the meet and greet. 




We spend one full hour at your home guaranteed.  Your pet(s) will miss you while you are away. We recommend a few extended visits if you are going to be gone for more than a weekend. This will curb your pet’s anxiety, keep them sleeping and exercised and eating well. Spending a little more money on their care during this time will guarantee you return to happy, healthy pets. Don’t under-estimate the needs of your pet or how much time is involved in quality service.

EXTENDED VISITS - $30-$40 per extended visit. Includes full pet care (feeding, water, bathroom, playtime, litter boxes, poop pick-up, floor cleaning (sweeping, vacuum, mopping) and free leash walk. Often added to a day with already scheduled mini or standard visits during a family’s vacation.

Clients frequently will book an extended visit every other day or every third day while they’re away. This mixes it up for your pets and gives them extra playtime and an opportunity for lots of fun and plenty of one-on-one attention.




Kennel Boarding might not be suitable for you and/or your pet. Some of us have multiple pets and boarding them could be pretty costly and finding a place that will take "all" of the animals can be difficult. Especially if you have cats, reptiles, rodents, birds, etc. or if the pet doesn’t do well with other animals. No one wants to pick up the family dog from a kennel, finding them thinner and stressed out. When stressed your pets may have trouble eating or sleeping and out of its normal and comfortable routine. Having someone stay at your home could be the best solution for your pet(s).

Areas we service with sleepover service:

Jensen Beach, Sewall’s Point, Rio and Hutchinson Island

 $ 75.00 per evening (10 hours) 

 $ 18 - $20 = one mid-day visit

If you are going to be away, chances are it will be for multiple days, and you will not only want someone staying at your home overnight, but you’ll want that same person returning to your home for a mid-day check-in visit to care for your pet(s) each day when you cannot.  Above pricing up to two dogs. Families with more than 2 dogs or with multiple pets requiring different levels of care – additional charges may apply. The charges will be assessed based on the type of pet and the level of care required for each.



Your situation may require your animals to leave your home, you may be remodeling, painting, or having visitors who are allergic, or you have a large function at your home (wedding, anniversary, graduation) party and having your pets stay with me might relieve some stress for you and for your pets.

This service is limited to small breed dogs only, not to exceed 15 pounds. We have a beautiful home, non-smokers, securely fenced yard, no small children, and can provide love and supervision, walks, and playtime. Another benefit is convenient drop off and pick up. We also adhere to your food restrictions and always put the health and safety of your pet first. We board no more than two (2) dogs in our home at any given time; so your pet gets plenty of love/attention.

Pets must pass a temperament meeting, must be current on all shots, and must be house-trained and non-aggressive. 

Pricing: $60 per day/night

Additional charges apply at the rate of $2.50 per hour over 24 hours.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and making sure your beloved pet feels at home and comfortable during his/her stay with the Snuggles family.  We have a 5 pound female (spayed) Yorkshire terrier at home who loves to play, make friends and share her home with guests. 

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