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PET CARE SPECIALIST:  Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Check-in Visits, Mid-day Potty,

Yard Poop Scoop, Cat care, Medications, Overnights, Daily, Vacations, Holidays


SERVICE AREAS:  Jensen Beach, Rio, Sewall's Point, Hutchinson Island, Stuart, Port St Lucie

REFERENCES:  Local and long-term client references AND 5-Star Reviews

LICENSE and INSURANCE: Current Policy: Pet Care Insurance (3/15/2023 - 3/15/2024.) 1-844-520-6990

Policy #JN1221-PCI48839 (Underwriters at Lloyd's, London and Veracity Insurance Solutions) 1-866-395-1308

Prior Policy Coverage: Pet Sitters Associates LLC  (2016 - March 2020) Policy #3ED4162, Member #69758). 

From 2020 to the present we are insured through Pet Care Insurance Co., as indicated above.


We're so happy you found us today, please call for more information. 

In-home pet care is one of the best choices!

Many years ago, pet owners had few choices concerning care for their animals while they were away.  In looking for new alternatives, many have found that in-home pet care is one of the best choices for both the owner and the pet.   When you go away, your pet stays at home! Each day you are away I will come to your home multiple times to feed and care for both your pets and your home.  Yes, It’s that simple.   

In-home pet care is easier on your pets. They aren’t being removed from their familiar surroundings, which can be traumatizing, and their exposure to the  illnesses of other animals is minimized.     In addition, your home is looked after; lights may be adjusted, your mail and papers will be brought in, potted plants watered, and your trash taken to the curb. Your home looks lived in, and that is a great safety feature.

 Consider the following benefits:


     •       Make life much easier for you.

     •       No imposing on neighbors, friends.

     •       Less stressful on your pets.

     •       No pick up/drop off required.

     •       Your home will be looked after.



SNUGGLES is owner operated. I am licensed and insured. You have the services of the same provider each time you use my service. If you are an established client, with our secure key retention program, all you have to do is call or text. Your pets get to know me, and I them. You get to know me. Your home and pets enjoy being cared for in the same consistent manner every time you go away.   "Rain or Shine, We're There".

And best of all, when you return home, your healthy and happy pet will be there waiting to greet you!

I offer my pet sitting services from the comfort of your home so as not to disturb your pet’s normal routine.  Sometimes our pets are anxious, and we feel that we can't leave them.  Some pets have dietary

restrictions, are finicky eaters, others suffer from allergies or skin conditions.  As a pet sitter I routinely encounter these challenges and on every visit to your home I adhere to diet restrictions, for finicky eaters I entice them to eat by providing a stress-free quiet environment where I sit on the floor, listen to soothing music and encourage them to relax and gain their trust; I perform routine assessments of skin, observant of excessive scratching, licking or chewing at the skin; and at all times I remain in contact with you.   You know your pet better than anyone, and I always want you to feel a part of the care they are receiving.  I've spent visits boiling rice and shredding bland chicken to stimulate the appetite and help an upset tummy; applying lotions or creams to sooth irritated skin, some pets like to play before they eat, some need a hearty walk before they'll do their business, my priority is ensuring your pet is comfortable, happy, healthy and safe.  If the well-being of your pet is important to  you, my in-house services will be well suited for you.  The advantages to in-home pet care are numerous, and the care is truly personalized. Not only is it be better for your pet(s), but it can be better for you too, certainly more convenient.  Personalized pet care is more affordable than you may think.

Get in touch TODAY so we can schedule a meet and greet. 

If you're a multi-pet family in-home care is a MUST for the economics alone;

the cost to board multiple pets is significant.   Snuggles provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in your home that is customized to your pet's needs.  We're so happy you found us (and we know your pet is, too)!  It would be an  honor to be your pet care provider.

Give us a call at 772-285-3008 or contact us to get more information about how we can help your pet!

" There is no charge for the meet and greet, and never any obligation. Happy to answer questions."

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